raumsichten extends kunstwegen

raumsichten (spacespectives) extends the route of the German-Dutch sculpture project kunstwegen southwards through the upper region of Grafschaft Bentheim to North Rhine-Westphalia.

art and planning

The sculpture project raumsichten is taking an innovative step to do so: spatial planning and art are being reconciled so as to develop syncretised perspectives for the regional cultural sphere and the future of the landscape. For centuries, landscape offered a reliable reflection of the unity of the communal, economic and cultural transformation. Nowadays, however, landscapes are moulded by the diverse requirements of stakeholders whose interests must be coordinated via integrative planning processes involving complex political decision-making procedures. But whereas natural growth, urbanisation, commercial land use and/or touristic valorisation leave obvious traces, the underlying long-term planning processes behind them are rather invisible and inaccessible factors. Time and time again, art in the public sphere is employed for the subsequent beautification of the concluded implementation of the given planning.

seeing and doing

raumsichten, on the other hands, aims for the timely concretisation of the collaboration between planners and artists and the practical exploration of alternative methods in the planning and design of the landscape space and environment. The art project should instigate new models for dealing with the landscape and cultural sphere, for responding to ecological requirements and economic needs. The aim of the unusual initiative is to exert influence: raumsichten aspires to mediate and moderate a results-orientated convergence between administration, planning and art. It is, in the end, a matter of everyone concerned to be directly involved with the landscape, to be active, to see with one's own eyes.

phase I – advance preparation On the basis of the recommendations of an advisory board, 16 international artists have been invited to participate in raumsichten. The artists have an annotated treatment of the landscape structure and development plans for the project area available to them. A parallel German-Dutch collaboration between the artists Till Krause and Arnoud Holleman is concurrently developing an artistic alternative model to the existing geo-political regional planning for the entire Vechte valley.

phase II – development The first interdisciplinary discussions between the administration, planning and art representatives will be initiated with two moderated work forums in November 2009 and February 2010. Experts from Germany and the Netherlands will meet with the artists to collaboratively probe and develop new aesthetic as well as planning and political perspectives regarding the cultural landscape. The proposals that are generated by the concrete interaction and exchange will be presented thereafter.

phase III – realisation Nine concepts will be selected by jury and realised in the project area between the towns Ohne and Nordhorn untill spring 2012.


Project Sponsor: District of Grafschaft Bentheim
Bernhard Jansen, Department of Culture
van-Delden-Straße 1-7, D-48529 Nordhorn
Tel.: (+49) 05921 - 96 13 21
Fax: (+49) 05921 - 96 13 19
e-mail: bernhard.jansen(at)grafschaft.de

artistic direction
Veronika Olbrich, Dirck Möllmann, Roland Nachtigäller
assistence of artistic direction: Heike Pfingsten, Verena Wißmann, Andrea Büttner
Städtische Galerie Nordhorn
Vechteaue 2, D-48529 Nordhorn
Tel.: (+49) 05921 - 97 11 00
Fax: (+49) 05921 - 97 11 05
e-mail: raumsichten(at)kunstwegen.org