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Paul Etienne Lincoln, Bad Bentheim pig

Paul Etienne Lincoln, »Bad Bentheim pig«, 2012, Detail

paul etienne lincoln

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»Bad Bentheim pig«
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Born 1959 in London; lives in New York.
Studied at the Maidstone College of Art (Kent, UK), the Croydon College of Art (Surrey, UK), and the Royal College of Art in London.

The work of Paul Etienne Lincoln is dominated by his fascination with technology and artistic research. He sees science as art and art as science. His fanciful machine installations involve precise, functioning devices that display an idiosyncratic sculptural poetry. Lincoln's projects are always preceded by extensive scientific research: he immerses himself in physical, chemical, biological and neurological processes, analyses them, adds new technological circuitry and reconstructs art machines that have an internal dynamic all of their own. His 2003 installation Berliner Zuckerbärin (»Berlin Sugar Bear«) (fig.), which tackles the topic of gene manipulation, was created this way. A bear that has a sugar beet in its paw produces a thread that combines itself with three other threads to create a cord that slowly but surely wraps round the busts of three Berlin geneticists like a mythical thread of destiny.

Solo Exhibitions (Selection)
2009 SITE Gallery, Centre for Contemporary Art, Sheffield
2008 Alexander and Bonin, New York
2007 Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna
2006 Guido Costa Projects, Turin
2003 »Berliner Zuckerbärin« ("Berlin Sugar Bear"), Museum Folkwang in the RWE Tower, Essen, and Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

Group Exhibitions (Selection)
2009 »The Quick and the Dead«, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
2007 »Eye on Europe«, Museum of Modern Art, New York
2006 »While Interwoven Echoes Drip into a Hybrid Body«, Migros Museum, Zürich
2004 14th Sydney Biennale
2001 »Many Moons«, The Hammond Museum & Japanese Stroll Garden, New York
2001 »Crossing the Line«, Queens Museum of Art, New York
2000 »Through the Looking Glass«, Galerie M. + R. Fricke, Berlin
1999 »Greater New York«, P.S.1., Long Island City, New York