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Marko Lulic,

Marko Lulic, »Untitled (Clearing)«, 2011 

marko lulic

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»Untitled (Clearing)«
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Born 1972 in Vienna; lives in Vienna.
Studied at the University of Applied Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Lulic explores the traditional concept of sculpture in his videos, actions and installations. Rather than binding himself to a specific media, he cites and combines film, music, painting and sculpture to question, with overlapping references, translations and transferrals, the relationship between the body and sculpture in public spaces. In addition to the mentioned formal aspects, he is interested in cultural, social and political issues: the relationship between the present and past, between ideology and social reality, and (in particularly) the construction of ideologies and historical avant-garde movements in public spaces. A literal formulation of this approach is taken by the artist in the video »Reactivation (Circulation in Space)«, in which he uses the metal rings of a 1971 sculpture by Vojin Bakic as a gymnastics apparatus. In doing so, he explores everything that is or can be understood as »circulation in space« in the most literal sense.

Solo Exhibitions (Selection)
2009 »Denkmalpflege und Bodywork 2« (»Historical Preservation & Bodywork 2«), BAWAG Contemporary, Vienna
2007 »Edifice Complex«, Kunstverein Oldenburg
2007 Kunstverein Heilbronn
2004 »Wunden auf glatter Fläche« (»Wounds on Smooth Surfaces«), Tiroler Künstlerschaft, Innsbruck

2009 »Mahnmal gegen den Mythos des ersten Opfers« (»Memorial against the Myth of the First Victim«), installation/art in public spaces, Vienna
2008 »Walls in the Street«, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade

Group Exhibitions (Selection)
2009 »Common History and Its Private Stories«, MUSA, Vienna
2008 »Revolution I Love You«, International Project Space, Birmingham
2007 41st Art Cologne
2005 »Lebt und arbeitet in Wien II« (»Lives and Works in Vienna II«), Kunsthalle Vienna
2003 »un-built cities«, Bonner Kunstverein

Awards (Selection)
2009 Workshop Prize of the Erich Hauser Foundation
2007 Scholarship of the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach Foundation